Saturday, October 31, 2009

Going dark ;-(

As G2G becomes more then an adventure and grows into a life time project, I am now upgrading G2G Blog to a G2G Book.
I will be posting news about it.
thank you all for reading and following.
Yours, Fafa (my Ewe nickname. Means "Peace")

Monday, October 5, 2009


just like the project itself, is vary much alive.
no, I haven't been blogging a while, and yes, I have been in New York a while, but Give to Grow is GROWING and it's getting serious. There's no stopping now.
I had a really nice "akpe" dinner on Saturday and there was no heart untouched by the footage I showed and the stories I've told. And of course, I dreamed about Kopeyia aaaaaaaalllllll night.

Please all, stay tuned, I'll post some footage, the G2G Brochure and more exciting news.
In the meantime, since you might be preparing for new season, cleaning your closets, getting rod of old things, please consider donating your used equipment to the childern of Kopeyia.
I need laptops, IPods, microphies, headphones, sound recorders and cellphones.

and relax to this:

It can teach you happiness.