Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ticket bought

OK, I have less then a month.
Bought my ticket. Plan to send to Visa application in today (4 photos and $80).
Need another shot of.... hmmm, had so many, forgot which one I need to re-take.
tetanus? hepatitis?
Call your doctor, ask, schedule a visit.
Emmanuel e-mailed back - he will wait for me at the ACCRA airport.
It will be a long flight. 11 hours and 20 minutes, direct from JFK to Accra.
Delta. Around $1150 which i thought was a good deal.
Leaving 26th around, arriving 27th of may, around 8 am.
Emmanuel also said - bring a mosquito spray and a rain jacket.
Rainy month in Africa. June.
I still need:
still camera, zoom recorder, gifts for the children, summer clothing, hmmmm, what else? books? notebook? music paper?

I am very nervous. But happy.

More soon.

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