Sunday, July 11, 2010

back online, with Kofi ;-)

painfully slow but working.
kofi, at the other corner of the interent cafe, learning about the www. just set him up with a gmail account so we can stay in touch!
i'll make him as account with the owner - and he will, along with emmanuel zagbede be my point person - partner for G2G.

needles to say, as soon as i left him by himself to work and 4 older boys came in, they started giving him hard time.
Then i stood up.
"what's up?"
"ooooh, i'm sorry" one of they said...
I forgot about that. I need to make sure someone watches over him when he comes here by himself.

Yesterday was a bit depressing. Continuous rain helped.
When i came back to the center after the session in the cafe and just rested my head on the dinning room table, Kofi came over. He said: You are tired.
A little bit - I said.
Ten minutes later he came back with a "bingo" look on him face:
"Let's get a coconut for you!"
We got three!
I was not tired.
Or depressed.

Today Pricsilla, her mom and I prepared Kasawa dough together.
And it's a bright sunny day!

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  1. Milica! It is sort of disheartening to go through what u are going thru there, but , unfortunately, that's the story of Africa! And , when we see all these organizations, and " wealthy" people going to Africa to do things, they send people ahead to pay everybody so that when they get there, they already have the ' ticket' . However, I don't see these things deterring you. Give to Grow is more alive than ever! It's a toddler now , beginning to take the first steps...crawling, standing up, falling off all over the place, but it is alive!!! The culture of having to give " something nice' under the table has existed since ever. It's a fact we have to accept and learn how to live with :-(

    But your heart and your soul are growing brighter because of give to grow!