Saturday, June 13, 2009

june ?

surprize surprize.
i'm in aflao rt now, a much bigger town, in an inernet cafe and connection is twice as slow, and the price per hour is twice as high.
i lov u kopeyia.
finished another busy week.
my project is coming nicley - we perform next friday - I have a few students and teachers do a poems with electronic accompaniment, several original student songs, some video materail, a few dances to hip-hop and po hits and big dance number by Kopeia Bloomfied Cultural Troup.
The whole town is preparing fore the big event.
I completed 2 week drumming and dance course with Dgbe teachres and am now pretty good at Gahu.
Pablo, watch out.
Yuri, you too.
Tuseday, I'm going to Accra for a day and top be quite honest I am looking so forward to it.
Urbanity. Concrete. Street lights. HOT shower.
Tomorrow - my new friend from American Village (I'm not kidding, thst's the name of the village next to Kopeyia) is taking me to a wedding.
I have a new dress which I'll wear.
I'll be kicked out of this machine soon - my hour has expired in filtering my Gmail inbox.
I'll continue from Kopyia latr today or tomorrow.

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  1. amazing..cannot wait to hear about how the wedding looks like..