Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Last night, i had a G2G benefit at the Harlem Library.
Performance, presentation, reception. Two hours total.
Short and sweet (15 min getting in mingle, 30 min performance, 15 min presentation, 45 minutes reception, 15 min strike - load out).
mistakes -
the event was not publicized enough - not enough audience
(i was counting on mt marketing person whom i hired to do it for me, which i shouldn't have)
no good photos taken (????)
the first 15 mins i didn't have a good concept for.
people were bored and waiting around
good performance, great performers and energy among the artists
(thank you thank you thank you allen, ana, brandon, carmen, chris, lauri, margaret - can i keep you all? wanna be a g2g band? and thank you all the G2G fans and supporters - claudia, eric, stephaine, andre, tawnya, ben)
solid presentation, people listened and reacted
good venue - libraries. hmm i haven't thought of those before
eventbrite is a good way to promote and administer events!
vistaprint is a good print service - i have my gifts (G2G mugs and flyers) printed by them

now - as soon as i get back from ghana, i'll start doing one of these a month.
hitting a different neighbourhood each time.
if i raise $500 each month, which should be attainable, since i'd be set for my next trip.

we continued with an afteraprty at billie's black until 2 am.
it was fantastic. I am so fortunate. I have very special, precious friends.
I was looking across the table at one point - an amazing group of people, all ages and backgrounds, celebrating life and one another in such a passionate, joyful way, and most of them didn't even one another before the benefit.
G2G brought them together.

and i was happy.

now let's go wath ghana beat germany and serbia beat australia.

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