Tuesday, June 8, 2010

flight booked

not confirmed yet.not sure what's up with vayama.com
booked yesteday, still awaiting the confirmation.
looking for prescription for malarone or doxycyclone rt now.
no health insurance, trying to save up and not pay for the doctor's visit.
today bought a few small gifts for the children and my egnlish madams - rejoice and christy.
next is talking to the embassy and the airlines about the computers and allowed baggage. ghanaians tell me - just put them computers in the suitcases. noone will open or care.
two in my carry on, two in each checked bags.
pay for extra bag. that's it.
need to install all the software onto the computers too.
then the final benefit, june 22nd.
leave on july 4th. everyone will be coming into NY, i will be leaving it.
arrive to accra on the 5th, 6PM.
spend the night in accra, continue in the morning.
that's the plan.

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