Friday, May 22, 2009

4 days left

this has been the most intense period of my life I ever. at leats as I can remember. aaaaaaaaaaah.
i leave on monday.
haven't packed yet - have a weekend to do that.
I need to do a few more - things:
pick up malaria tablets
get the insect repellent- I can't find any!!!
unlock the phone (so I can use it with a ghanaian simcard there)
get cash out of the bank
cancel netflix
pay all june bills
put up air - conditioners for Jakab who'll be staying at my place
make a "how to"note for him
make an automatic e-mail reply
organize $$$ transfer from kgfs
print Robert's letters
dinner at kafana monday
remind emanuel

what am i forgetting?
and what if I forget something?
it's just a month...

people are saying that malaria tablets have crazy side effects, like making people depressed, paranoid and causing nightmares. I guess I'll know monday.

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