Saturday, May 30, 2009

treid to post some pictures

but it didn;t work.
tyhat might need to wait until I'm back.
gotta head back to the center now - I am getting hungry and am looking for\ward to whatever delicious Roase has prepared for me today. Plus it's time for my malarai tablets.
aka - the white lady

my flirting with quasi-blackness and cross heritage (completely fabriced, true) doesn't quite work here.
but I still have more then 3 weeks left. My drumming is getting good, my dress is being made and Kobbi is twisting my hait tomorrow.
And my skin loves the sun.


  1. welcome in africa mile!
    ja nisam bio isti posle prvog puta. to i tebi ┼żelim
    ljubi te bo

  2. Sounds like you are getting settled..cannot wait 4 your next post...where do you live out there? what do you do in the night? what dress? u ok with malaria tablets? take care, just be careful, ivana