Wednesday, May 6, 2009

challegnes on the way

... of course - there are.
and there will be more - in presume.
there will be people on your path that will want to tag along your hard work for a bit of credit for what you are doing or money that you are or simply to use your (voluntary, heartfelt) work for their own (profitable) benefit.
and even though you're seeing instances of immoral behavior like that EVERY day - all of a sudden, when it applies to your work and your project - you cannot believe it's happening.
well, guess what. believe it.
cause you don't want to get screwed over. it's not about you any more. so you have to NOT let those children get screwed over.
you see it all the time - someone with a little money and charm, a sleek westerner, enters a community, pretending to be visionary. an investor in the future of the community. its betterment.
when in fact they are creating their own little kingdom, most likely a tourist retreat, making native people selling themselves short.
I don't think so!

In other news -
today I got fabulous news form Sonar (Barcelona) that I have been granted (again, second year in a row) a journalist pass. That means I get to see all the Sonar shows for free, and get to write about it after.
The only problem is - it happens on 18.19.20. June 2009.
Right at the end of my Ghana visit. Frustrated for about minute (what do you mean I can't do it ALL!) - I had a brilliant idea, just after my yoga class (and yes, in case you are still in doubt, yoga DOES help. with everything.)
Idea so good - I cannot share it here. An idea that is 3 parts impossible, and one part genius.
Therte a little trick when it come to "impossible" situations - just look it over, think about it, and kick it up a notch. make it a bit MORE impossible. 9 times out of 10, there is a hidden solution, and it is NOT about making the impossible easier, just the contrary.

I went to BB last night to get a sense of the Karaoke benefit in two weeks. Glad I did. Not into Karaoke much myself, but people seem to enjoy it. Discussed it with the owner (thanks Adrianne) and the Karaoke master Bill, and they were both fine with the idea of making it a little more specific (announce my project, choose related set-lists) and flexible - I can do my own tracks, and so can my artist friends - so it can almost be like an open mic event. More appealing to my target audience.

I need to get another shot of Hepatitis Vaccine and it turns out I lost my refill. Hopefully, they will not give me fuss about writing up another prescription (it did take me 2 days to even get Jackie, the secretary, on the phone...).
So an advice - if you're taking your vaccines in NY, and you doctor FORGETS to mention that there is refill written on your prescription - do not throw it out.

I met up with Robert Levin (KPGS founder) today, and he gave me about 1 medium suitcase worth of goodies to take to Kopeyia. Mostly gifts for children - pens, pencils, markers, crayons...
Of course I had 'yes" when he first asked me to bring "several pens" over, but was SHOCKED at the quantity - size.
I thought I'd travel light.....
Ah - he also gave me several CDs of Ghanaian music - which I will be selling at my benefits.
Together with my own.

OK, back to work
make baggies
GOLD - $ 50+, 2 CD, Certificate of donation, invitation to events, signed with a personal thank you note)
SILVER - $30 - $50 1 CD (milica's or Ghana music, Certificate of donation, invitation to events, signed with a personal thank you note)
BASIC - W$30 and below (invitation to events, signed with a personal thank you note)

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